19 April 2021
Flagship killer OnePlus ends HydrogenOS

Flagship killer OnePlus ends HydrogenOS

OnePlus, undoubtedly one of the most successful smartphone manufacturers in recent years. Founded eight years ago, the company soon managed to become a global giant. The manufacturer, which provides this with its flagship killer phones, is successful in the software field as well as in the hardware field. Using its own operating system based on Android on its phones OnePlus, It has one of the fastest interfaces. Unfortunately In china the situation is changing. HydrogenOS, going to date.

OnePlus will choose ColorOS in China

OnePlus, technically it uses two different operating systems. Globally available phones OxygenOS’u when used, models sold in China HydrogenOS It comes out of the box with. This is because Google services are prohibited in This country. However, despite the name change, the two operating systems are not much different from each other. However, this situation is about to change. OnePlus, For phones in the Chinese market OPPO agreed with.


XDA According to the allegation put forward by the two companies, they made a deal. OnePlus models sold in China from now on, out of the box HydrogenOS will not date with. Instead of OPPO’nun Android based operating system ColorOS’u will prefer. No official announcement or statement has been made on the issue yet. However, according to the same source HydrogenOS’a The official site will be out of service from 24 March. It is thought that this decision was taken due to the problems experienced in updating recently.

A company official who was reached on the subject made a statement that would not satisfy the users. Authorized; “HydrogenOS We do not have any new news to share about. But OxygenOS, It will remain our main operating system for all devices sold globally. ” said. However, users on the forums have already started to disagree. Some users ColorOS’u while others think the decision is wrong.

Two brands, one company

Why your company ColorOS’u You may be wondering if you prefer. However, there is a very logical explanation for this. Oppo and OnePlus When viewed from the outside, it looks like two different companies. But that’s not exactly the case. OnePlus, In 2013 OPPO It was founded by. The main purpose of the company Xiaomi It was to be a rival to the rising brands like. Over time, the company has gone far beyond that and has managed to be known as the flagship killer.

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