30 July 2021
Flappy Bird, leaving the stores, is back with Mac

Flappy Bird, leaving the stores, is back with Mac

One of the most played games of its time Flappy BirdWas removed from app stores in 2014. A developer, the world’s most annoying game adapted the production, also known as macOS. Integrated into the operating system’s notification window Flappy Birdyears later, it came to life again.

2013-2014 The number one game in application stores between From 50 million more people had uploaded.

Flappy Bird added to macOS notification window

Designer and developer Neil Sardesai, Flappy BirdManaged to run as interactive macOS notification window. Sardesai, the game was added to the macOS Big Sur operating system UserNotificationsUI He said that he integrated it into the notification window by taking advantage of its function. Neil Sardesai, who shared his transaction on his social media account, also made a video about the game. published.

Within macOS notifications interactive elements using Sardesai, through these items touch gestures He stated that he performed the jumping actions in the game by creating.

What is Flappy Bird?

Let’s briefly talk about the game for those who hear it for the first time: Flappy Bird it was essentially an Arcade game. The players had to run a constantly flying bird through green pipes. Every touch gesture hitting the screen Colors it was moving the bird named. So Farby wouldn’t fall to the ground. Of course, the most important rule in doing this, not to hit the pipes.

flappy bird

Flappy Bird gameplay.

The developer of the game Dong Nguyenfrom Flappy Bird, thanks to in-app ads 50 thousand dollars a day was winning. Indeed, this popularity, the game in China and the USA ‘most downloaded’ had put it on the list.

Its popularity did not last long

Flappy Bird’s activity in the game world did not last long. The developer removed the game from the App Store in a surprise decision in 2014.

Flappy Bird your game, ‘Super Mario Bros’The rumors that Nintendo asked Apple to remove the game because of its similarity to the social media swept through the rumors. But Dong Nguyen denied these allegations. Saying that he developed Flappy Bird to relax people, Nguyen said that he could not achieve this goal and removed the game because it got annoying. he explained.

Saying that he will continue to develop new games, Dong Nguyen said that in 2017 “Ninja Spinki Challenges” He released his game named. Retro graphics and playability with one hand This game consists of stages and difficulty levels.

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