21 April 2021
Flipboard comes as a fixed Widget in iOS 14

Flipboard comes as a fixed Widget in iOS 14

Apple released iOS 14 with new features and improvements as of last year. Widget support on the home screen was also one of the innovations. Among these widgets, the popular application Flipboard will now come fixed.

Although it is not dynamic, the widget, which does not contain customizable control, has caused negative criticism by iOS users. Widgets appear as an important way to customize the iPhone home screen. Flipboard, which comes as an important Widget add-on of Android, will appear in iOS 14 from now on. Once you install the new version on your phone, the application will be updated as a Widget.

Which iPhones will Flipboard be coming to?

Flipboard’s widget displays titles in 4 different sizes and user-defined categories currently available to users. Although Flipboard calls these widgets the ‘dynamic version’, it still has a static structure. Due to Flipboard’s static nature, content is automatically refreshed only when the widget is reloaded. The new Flipboard widget will make sure you don’t miss the stories you care about by placing the topics you follow directly on your ‘iOS Today Screen’ or home screen.

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