4 August 2021
Ford Focus 2021 price list: Low interest loan opportunity

Ford Focus 2021 price list: Low interest loan opportunity

Ford Focus, one of the most preferred sedan cars in our country, is here with its 2021 model. Favorite of consumers for years with its affordable price in the passenger vehicle market Ford FocusCompetitive in 2021 price list It comes across with.

Ford Focus, an entry-level sedan, manages to attract the attention of those who are thinking of buying a car with its low-interest loan campaign.

Ford Focus 2021 price list

Currently at Ford authorized dealers 2020 and 2021 model Focuses are on sale. The 2021 variant, which is the make-up of the 2020 model, comes with quite a lot of upgrade options. 2021 model Ford Focus, diesel and gasoline have engine options. However TrendX, Titanium ve ST-Line There are three different package options available.

Ford Focus 2021 TrendX package price list

TrendX, which is the cheapest among the three packages and has the least hardware features, is the kind of choice for those who want to keep things simple. With this package, we can see quite a lot of upgrade options that can be preferred. To buy the cheapest option of the cheapest package 220.800 TL you need to pay.

ford focus 2021 price list

Ford Focus 2021 Titanium price list

When you receive the vehicle more extras If you want to see it, we can also call it as medium package Titanium packages appeals to you. Having few extras in the affordable TrendX package may make it a reason not to choose. If you want to see more features, you can purchase a variant with Titanium package. Still, TrendX is still a cheap alternative to the Titanium package.

The upgrades available with this bundle are almost the same as TrendX.

ford focus 2021 price list

Ford Focus 2021 ST-Line package price list

The highest package option for the Ford Focus ST-Linehas almost all the features you would want to see in your vehicle. There are few upgrade options available for this package. Two of the four upgrade options are for diesel engine and two for petrol engine. Also in all four options 8-speed automatic transmission has.

Ford Focus 2021 specifications: What are the differences between the packages?

ford focus 2021

Today, almost every automobile comes with more than one package option. These packages determine both internal and external extras, as well as some technical differences. All Ford Focus 2021 packages to the differences between from here you can reach.

Low-interest loan campaign in Ford passenger cars

Valid until 30 April 2021 low interest loan campaignis closely related to those who are thinking of buying a car on credit. Campaign valid for individual customers 100,000 TL with a 12-month maturity at 0.99 percent interest rate credit available. Of this loan monthly payment 8.990 TL around. Detailed information about the campaign from this page you can reach.

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