4 August 2021
Former President of Poland looking for a job

Former President of Poland looking for a job

As the former President of Poland and the leader of the Solidarity Union, the first independent workers’ organization 1983 in the year Nobel Peace Prizeowns Lech Walesa surprised everyone.

Former president, Walesa, Over 50 years old He published that he was looking for a job in an advertisement he gave on a special site for job seekers. In his advertisement, he said, “Experienced leader, great speaker, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1990-1995 Speaking as the President of Poland between the years of 2000, the President shared that he could provide leadership training in companies and attend incentive meetings.

Walesa wants thousands of dollars for 1 hour call

Walesa also states in his advertisement that he can come together with guests at family gatherings to take pictures and sign them.

“I met with Heads of State, Kings and Pope. I would be happy to pass on my knowledge and experience of Polish companies and Poland I can participate in promotions of Polish companies around the world to build the real value of his economy, ”said the former President, 1-2 hours at least for the interview 5 thousand dollars wants a fee. Lech Walesa He also states that he can bargain.

In his statements to the Polish media, Walesa stated that the cancellation of the meetings in various countries where he will be attending as a speaker caused financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Of pension 6 bin zlotys Explaining that Walesa is 7 bin zlotys He stated that he had an expense. In total 7 children and the former President, who has many grandchildren, states that he has a large family and must support them.

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