22 April 2021
Four new features coming for Microsoft Edge

Four new features coming for Microsoft Edge

Chromium-based web browser Microsoft Edgecontinues to receive new features. Microsoft Edge, which came before the user with innovations such as sleeper tabs, ready-made themes and password generator in February, will go out of the ordinary with the innovations it will receive in March.

Microsoft EdgeUnlike most internet browsers, it constantly tests different features. Last month, he explained that he started testing the “Kid mode” feature to make the internet safer for children. MicrosoftLet’s take a look at the new features coming for the Edge browser.

Vertical tab feature announced by Microsoft a year ago is finally coming

For the last year’s Edge browser vertical tabs Announcing the feature, Microsoft will bring the feature to users in March. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to take the tabs on the side aside. This new feature, which will be very useful especially for 16: 9 displays, you can group will have a structure.

Another feature that will come after the vertical tab feature is startup support it will be. Thanks to this feature, your browser opening speed significantly will increase. Windows manager Liat Ben-Zur’a According to the startup support feature, the opening speed of the browser is from 29 percent. 41 percent will rise to the levels. Start-up support feature on all Microsoft Edge browsers this month automatically will be enabled.

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With its new feature, Microsoft Edge will start showing infographics as well as search results from now on.

If you are using Bing as your search engine, this new feature may please you. As of March, the Microsoft Edge of the Bing search engine browser The way it works will change. For example, you searched for a topic with a large search volume. Visually displaying data and knowledge together with search results infographic will start dating as well.

Finally, the location of the “history” section of the Microsoft Edge browser will change. The history section, which you can access from the “Settings” section before, from now on from the toolbar can be opened easily. The new features expected to come to the browser this month seem to attract the attention of users.

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