1 August 2021
Frightening open on processors with Zen 3 architecture

Frightening open on processors with Zen 3 architecture

Ryzen Along with the processor series, AMD, has become the target of hackers. Company, Zen 3 It acknowledged that Intel’s Specter-like vulnerability has been discovered in processors with the same architecture.

AMD Zen 3 architecture is on the agenda with its vulnerability

The company has recently AMD Predictive Store Forwarding G├╝venlik Analizi published a report called. The vulnerability discovered in the published report Spectre v1, v2 and v4 Comparing it with, AMD stated that similar attack scenarios are also valid for processors with Zen 3 architecture.

AMD admits vulnerability in processors with Zen 3 architecture

Developed for fast response of the processor Predictive Store Forwarding (PSF), predicts the next instruction to be performed by the processor.

Inaccurate prediction of PSF technology creates a security vulnerability. Hackers, In this way, users can access their data.

The wrong guessing process 2 ways explaining that the company was formed, the hackers malicious codes He underlined that it can trigger the wrong prediction process with.

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