30 July 2021
Fun surprise for the success of the Mars plane from Google

Fun surprise for the success of the Mars plane from Google

Google’s latest update is your browser Mars he lets him get on his plane. After years of preparation and planning NASA made history in space. As part of the Perseverance mission, the Ingenuity helicopter managed to fly in the thin atmosphere of Mars. In addition, the successful flight paved the way for more test flights in the coming days.

Google celebrates NASA’s success

The world’s largest search engine Google, on the other hand, celebrated NASA’s success with a small surprise. In Google’s search bar “NASA ingenuity“To write, Mars helicopters It returns the usual information card containing all kinds of information about it.

Click on the small photo to the right of the share icon, and you can hover over a Mars landscape around your browser and bring creativity to life. Helicopter that appeared on google NASAContrary to the throwing of ‘, it never lands on the ground. Instead, it scrolls back and forth in front of the results page until you click it.

NASA on the subject tweetYou can check in at work on your phone or go to Google’s home page on your phone.

Especially Ingenuity‘nin “his brainFirst of 2014flagship in Considering it originated on Android devices, it’s a fun tribute to his momentous success this morning.

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