28 July 2021
Funny footage appeared on Twitch because of DMCA

Funny footage appeared on Twitch because of DMCA

Blizzcon event was held online due to the pandemic and for the opening of the event Metallica his group organized a small concert. Blizzcon, Twitch was broadcast over. DMCA laws are also known to trigger unwanted results on Twitch. Interestingly enough, Twitch’s blocking of this music from his “game” stream, even though Blizzard agreed with the Metallica band, once again demonstrated how strict DMCA is. Some time after Metallica entered the song 8-bit a song started playing.

8-bit Zelda music added over Metallica song

These funny images lived Blizzard‘in did not happen on his own Twitch channel. Aksine Twitch’in “game“Streaming took place in the broadcast. At such big events Twitch it also creates a streaming broadcast so users can easily access events and broadcasts. Some time after Metallica hits the song, Twitch streaming 8-bit a voice activated.

The 8-bit music belongs to the game Zelda. Blizzcon The channel could easily broadcast the concert because it had an agreement with Metallica, but Twitch did not have such an agreement and blocked this music from streaming. The resulting images are also pretty funny.

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