6 August 2021
Galaxy Book Pro series leaked with live images

Galaxy Book Pro series leaked with live images

South Korea plant technology company Samsungwill introduce two new laptops in the coming days. One of these computers Galaxy Book Pro the other is Galaxy Book Pro 360 it will be.

Book Pro series, which has been on the agenda with its leaks for a while, now comes to light with its live images. Here are Samsung’s new monsters …

The design of the Galaxy Book Pro series became clear

Samsung’s new laptops with real images SafetyKorea seen on the site. The certificate information unfortunately does not reveal much about the hardware specifications. However, it does offer some insight into the design of both computers. In addition, the leaked images are consistent with the rednders shared in the past weeks.

Galaxy Book Pro

Galaxy Book Pro live view.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Book Pro modeli, silver / white It will appear with color options and will have narrow frames. Similarly Book Pro 360It will also offer a white color option and will come with a 360-degree rotating display.

Galaxy Book Pro 360

Live view of Book Pro 360.

According to the picture on both computers of the Korean manufacturer Windows the operating system will be installed. Because the special Windows keys on the keyboard clearly confirm this. As a processor Book Pro in the series 11th Gen Intel The chipset is expected to be included.

13/15 Computers that are claimed to be equipped with inch screens will also have blue, silver, dark blue and gold color options. However, it is worth noting that these color options will not be available for both computers.

According to previously leaked data, Book Pro 360 will support the S Pen and touchscreen. Also both computer, power of 11th Gen Intel Core i7 will take from the processor. If the video card Nvidia MX450 GPU it will be.

LTE and Thunderbolt4 Book Pro series, which is said to be a future with its connections; It will also support Samsung DeX, SmartThings and Samsung Notes applications.

The date of introduction is quite complicated. Because according to the previously leaked roadmap, Samsung would introduce its new computer tomorrow. However, the company has unfortunately made no official statements on this issue.

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