21 April 2021
Galaxy S21 Ultra fails in DxOMark test

Galaxy S21 Ultra fails in DxOMark test

DxOMark, It is an independent rating company that examines and scores the cameras of smartphones. In particular, the company that examines high-end smartphones helps users to have an idea by listing the models they have examined. Finally Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Examining the model DxOMark, He finished his examination. Unfortunately, the phone did not live up to expectations.

Galaxy S21 Ultra lags behind previous model in DxOMark test

For evaluation Exynos Choosing a model with a processor DxOMark his team examined the camera of the phone in detail. Especially expected to stand out with its camera performance Galaxy S21Ultra,DxOMark It could not meet the expectations in its tests. While the phone draws in the photo score compared to the previous model, zoom and scored less in video performance. At the end of the review S21 Ultra in total 121 points when buying the previous model It scored 126 points.

S21 Ultra, DxOMark in the photo according to the evaluation 128, zoom in performance 76 and in the video 98 scored points. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra but in the photo 128, zoom in performance 88 and in the video 106 scored points. This situation seems to confuse the buyers. Especially considering that there is a serious price difference between the two phones.


Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra night shooting performance

According to the statements, the ultra wide angle camera of the phone met the expectations. However, this is not the case with telephoto. Unfortunately, these two cameras did not live up to expectations. For a healthier test when measuring video performance 4K 60 FPS mod used. Since it is not used on the phone enough and it is more experimental 8K 30 FPS mode was not considered. At this point, stabilization in the video was not found sufficient.

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