19 April 2021
GameOn iOS version is out, iOS move from Amazon!

GameOn iOS version is out, iOS move from Amazon!

GameOn iOS version released. Players can now use Amazon’s software to record and share clips from their favorite mobile games.

In November, Amazon announced GameOn, an app for recording short and shareable clips from your favorite mobile games. The application was originally only available on Android. But TechCrunchAs pointed out by an iPhone or iPadIf you have, you can now download GameOn on iOS.

GameOn continues to expand its coverage with iOS version

GameOn is currently, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius In addition to more recent hits like PUBG Mobile and Crossy Road 2 Works with over 1,000 mobile games, including perennial favorites such as

Application 30 seconds with five minutes lets you shoot clips that come anywhere in between. It is also possible to use the app to edit any video you take and add live comments. Note that you can even use GameOn to record your reactions to something happening in the game.

GameOn iOS

The idea is to make it easier to share content like highlights and walkthroughs. For this purpose, you can watch videos captured by other people directly through the app. Naturally, any clip you record via the app. FacebookYou can also share on Twitter and so on.

The application, which is used with interest by gamers, also allows players to interact with each other. On the market since November GameOnIt is expected that the number of users will increase with the iOS version.

Finally, let’s say that Amazon GameOn is currently only available to those living in the USA. There is no clear information about whether the screen recording application will come to other countries yet.

Amazon GameOnTo view the iOS version of, go to the relevant page. from here you can reach.

GameOn What do you think about the iOS application?

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