30 July 2021
GameStop crisis resulted in resignation - ShiftDelete.Net

GameStop crisis resulted in resignation – ShiftDelete.Net

Retail game sales chain that has suffered a serious loss in value recently GameStop, He is experiencing one of the expected losses due to the crisis he experienced. As a result of the developments in the company CFO (finance director) Jim Bell resigned from his post.

GameStop crisis gave its first victim

GameStop CFO’s on the one Jim Bell While it was announced that his resignation was approved by the board of directors, 26 Mart It has been reported that the video game retailer will leave the company permanently. GameStop He also announced that they have prepared a plan in case a suitable person cannot be found to speed up the company’s recycling after the epidemic.


On the other hand, the company has a share in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. in the document, Bell’in his resignation in any matters related to the company’s operations, policies or practices. that it is not caused by an internal dispute underlined.

The shift of the game industry to online platforms and the coronavirus with the effect of the epidemic ABD’de with small amateur investors GameStop Between the events that turned into war, the company’s shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange were on the decline. First Reddit Organized users on many sites, including, caused the company to suffer great damage.

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