14 April 2021
General Motors opens second electric battery factory

General Motors opens second electric battery factory

Aiming to be a completely carbon neutral company by 2040 General Motors, is preparing to establish a second electric vehicle battery factory to increase the production of electric vehicles. South Korean aiming to build company facility LG Chem will work with.

General Motors ties its future to electric vehicle

Wall Street Journal’in to your news world-famous automotive company according to General Motors (GM), South Korean battery manufacturer LG Chem plans to open its second factory in Tennessee, which it will jointly build with. Its first factory In northern Ohio It was stated that the found company has not decided on a definite selection yet. LG Chem It is stated that the negotiations are continuing, and the final decision is expected to be made in the first half of 2021.


Of north america the largest automaker GM, He is more and more insistent on connecting his future to electric vehicles. Until 2025 For the development and production of 30 new electric vehicle models 27 billion dollars promising to spend, the firm will put two-thirds of them on sale in North America, where it dominates the market. Additionally GM, He had designed his logo to look more like a power plug, going through a revision.

LG Chem of Audi, Mercedes-Benz and their respective parent companies Volkswagen Group and Daimler A major supplier of lithium-ion batteries to automobile giants such as. Many of these automotive giants will be building their own battery factories in the future and producing batteries with their suppliers, just like Tesla did. have the opportunity. Tesla also announced plans to realize future battery production within its own structure, and nickel agreed with the manufacturer. However, until these factories are built, LG Chem They are at the mercy of companies such as.

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