30 July 2021
Ghost of Tsushima achieved record sales on PS

Ghost of Tsushima achieved record sales on PS

Released in July of last year Ghost of Tsushima his game reached serious sales figures in a short time. Sucker Punch Productions game developed by PlayStation It was published exclusively for game consoles. Only Sony Within its ecosystem, the production managed to sell millions of copies.

The action-adventure-themed game has become one of the most respected productions of 2020. Another notable PS4 game The Last of Us 2Released shortly after, the production managed to create a fan base of its own. Only PlayStation Now the first sales data has come from the game, which appeals to its users. But your reports, John Wick’s director Chad Stahelski developed by Ghost of Tsushima It was noteworthy that the movie appeared right after its announcement.

Ghost of Tsushima sold over 6.5 million

GameRant According to reports submitted by Ghost of Tsushima, it has sold more than 6.5 million copies in just eight months. To make a little comparison; Another game by Sucker Punch InFAMOUS: Second Son It had sold about 6 million units in six years. Hence popular samurai game represents a huge success for the studio. At the same time, these data indicate that a sequel to the company will not be far away.

Ghost of Tsushima’s success is not limited to sales figures alone. Game at the same time PlayStation Network It draws eyes as one of the most completed PlayStation 4 games according to trophy statistics. It is known that more than half of those who played the game completed the story.

Ghost of Tsushima

The movie adaptation of the blockbuster Ghost of Tsushima is coming.

The feature film adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima is on its way!

The rapidly rising Ghost of Tsushima game will soon be a movie. The game, which reached impressive sales figures, started to be adapted by Sony for cinema adaptation. We remember from the director of the project, John Wick. Chad Stahelski while being; construction was said to be currently in early development. Therefore, for now, details such as the cast and the release date of the film are unclear.

The only one to appear in movie theaters Sony It won’t be Ghost of Tsushima, of course. Company popular game Uncharted working on a movie adaptation for. Legend in the production expected to be released in 2022 Nathan Drake your character Tom Holland refreshes.

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