6 August 2021
Gift campaign for AppGallery installers - ShiftDelete.Net

Gift campaign for AppGallery installers – ShiftDelete.Net

Huawei app store developed by AppGallery, announced the gift campaign. AppGallery, which can be used on other Android devices along with Huawei devices, will distribute gifts with the wheel. There are also smart device awards in the campaign named “Always Win March Campaign with AppGallery”.

As is known, Huawei developed its own operating system after the sanctions of the USA. Along with this system, the application store named ‘AppGallery’ also gained importance on devices. AppGallery, which can be installed on any Android model, contains many applications in the Play Store.

Gift offer for AppGallery

Huawei announced its new campaign for the app store. According to the announcement, users get 1 lottery right for each application downloaded from the store. This lottery right is also used for “Lucky Wheel”. The awards on this wheel include Huawei devices, digital platform memberships and gift certificates.

For the campaign, there is a weekly 2 GB, daily 1 GB and 500 MB internet package valid for all operators. In addition, tertiary uses such as a 3-month BluTV membership and a BiTaksi coupon worth 30 TL are also gifted. In addition, 100 TL Huawei Online Store Gift voucher is shared.

AppGallery giveaway users must participate in the lottery with their personal information. In addition, 1 Huawei Mate 40 Pro and 5 Huawei MateBook 14 gifts are given in the special lottery. In addition, 10 Huawei Watch GT 2 are waiting for users.

appgallery giveaway

For the campaign, which will last until March 28, a gift place is offered to those who invite friends. 500 MB gift information per day shows itself for the invited user.

To install Huawei AppGallery, you need to download an APK from the Huawei website. However, in order to install APK, it is necessary to allow installations from unknown sources on Android devices. The steps taken by the USA against Huawei are the reason for this setup. Because many licenses between Huawei and Google have been revoked. As a result, AppGallery is not available in the Google Play Store.

Many applications that are frequently used today are available in the store. This allows users to choose AppGallery. In addition, the application comes installed on Huawei devices.

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