30 July 2021
Gmail finally arrives 'App Privacy'

Gmail finally arrives ‘App Privacy’

Google, the Gmail application “Application PrivacyBy adding the “tag, it became the first of the main apps to get privacy details outside of YouTube. The” App Privacy “information added to Gmail is currently server-side only.Providing the last update of the app two months ago GoogleIt is not clear when will the newly added tag meet with users.

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Google behaves slow on ‘App Privacy’ tag implementation

In early February, the Gmail app was displaying warnings that the app was out of date because it was too long since the new security features were added, then Google eliminated this message without sending an update to the app.

Apple has been implementing the “Application Privacy” tags since December. However, Google is slow to support this feature.

Google added privacy data to its app catalog in early January.this week or next week“He said he would add but January 20Most apps were still not updated with App Privacy until.

The company has since YouTube and adds “App Privacy” tags to some of its small apps, but Google Search, Google Photos and Google Maps Gmail was the first to receive new tagging in large applications such as.

Google’s listing location, user ID and usage data as information shared with third-party advertisers Gmail app privacy data is largely unexpected. This information “purchases, location, contact information, user content, search history, identifiers and usage data used for analytical purposes, product personalization and application functionality.”

Gmail has “App Privacy” labels, so it will soon be able to see the information made available for other Google apps, and before Google enforces Apple’s new rules. iOS It is thought that it can continue the regular updates offered for its applications.

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