1 August 2021
Good news for Xbox Series X for Google Stadia!

Good news for Xbox Series X for Google Stadia!

Cloud gaming service Google Stadia, last published Edge Chromium by update Xbox Series X it became operable on the game console. The development, which is currently in the testing phase, is expected to be presented to a wide audience in a short time.

Progress is a big leap forward for Google Stadia

Xbox’s Alpha Skip Ahead With access to the version of Microsoft Edge, users were able to upgrade to the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge on their console. This is for users Google Stadia’yı Xbox X Series X it gave the opportunity to run on it. Tom Warren in a video posted on Twitter by Google Stadia one Xbox Series X shown to work on it.

Good news for Xbox Series X for Google Stadia!

In the posted video Warren, to console Stadia over Destiny 2Installing. Video’da While everything seemed fine, no content for any game moment was shared. also Warren tweetinde “New Microsoft Edge Chromium thanks to the browser Xbox Series X working on Google Stadia in your presence ”used expressions.

Microsoft, last year Edge browser a new Chromium changed with the version. This new and modified version also Xbox It started working on integrating it to the consoles correctly. Until now Xbox Insider The privilege available to people in the program is expected to be offered to a wider audience when the test is completed.

Besides that Google Stadia him the Xbox Series X it shares a largely similar repository of libraries. also Stadia’da If you already have a game and don’t want to buy it again, the Xbox will give you this convenience. Google’s of this cloud gaming service Xbox’ta to work effectively, Stadia will be a big improvement for you. Besides, it will create an important value for future projects.

Source: Gamesradar

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