4 August 2021
Good news of Exxen to smart TV owners!

Good news of Exxen to smart TV owners!

Digital broadcasting platform owned by Acun Ilıcalı Exxen until now smart TV he had not released the application. For those who ask how to watch TV series and movies Using an HDMI cable. recommending Exxen, he stated that those who connect their computer to the TV can use the platform in that way. However, this is no longer necessary.

Good news came to users who wanted to watch Exxen content on their TV.

Exxen smart TV application released

From your social media account explanation doing Exxen, smart TV announced that the application is ready. Stating that subscribers can now watch content on their televisions, the platform also detailed which television brands the application is compatible with.

Exxen smart TV application will work with the following brands:

– Vestel
– Arçelik
– Backhoe
– Grundig
– Regal
– Toshiba
– Altus
– Apple TV

Popular smart TV brands on the list Samsung and LGas well as Google’s smart TV operating system Android TVThe absence of ‘did not go unnoticed. Exxen shared the information that the application will come to all three platforms very soon.

Philips and Sony many smart TV manufacturers such as Android TV using the platform. Therefore, Exxen’s compatibility with Android TV will open the doors of a much wider ecosystem to the platform. Exxen can be used on televisions running Android TV.

How to install Exxen on smart TVs?

You can find Exxen in the application market on your TV. Each television’s store can vary from brand to brand. By logging into the market on your device “Exxen” You can find the application by searching and “İndir” You can also install it by pressing the button. After installing with your membership information You need to login. Subsequently, all within Exxen TV series, movies, programs you can reach.

How much is Exxen membership fee?

Exxen to users two packs offers the option. Monthly price 9.90 TL. If you want to watch the content uninterruptedly and without ads, monthly 19.90 TL you need to pay.

In the advertised package While providing access to all original Exxen content, watching via phone, tablet or web, HD content, Child profile, creating 5 family profiles; in ad-free package In addition to all these features, there are features to remove ads, download content to the device and watch them offline. Exxen offers a 7-day free trial to first-time subscribers.

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