28 July 2021
Good news to those who love!  Superman returns

Good news to those who love! Superman returns

Who could not achieve the success they wanted from superhero movies DC, continues its experiments in this area. Finally Justice League The company, which reworked its movie with its original director, is now bringing back a popular production. First Man Thef Steel preserving its silence since the movie Superman coming back. The news that will make the fans of the series happy, WarnerMedia’dan came

New Superman moviehomeland

According to the statement made, Superman movie, replay series (reboot) will initiate. Fİlm in complete turmoil DC It will be part of the cinematic universe. The script of the movie Wrong Answer and Big Woods the screenwriter of his films Ta-NeshiCoates he is writing. If the production JJ. Abrams undertake. In the movie Superman’i Who will portray it is particularly a matter of curiosity. Portraying the character for the role in previous films Henry Cavill and Micheal B. Jordan their names stand out.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when shooting will begin and the scheduled release date for the movie. However, it is a matter of curiosity whether the movie will be broadcast in the cinema or on the internet. Still instead of the income from the studio box office, HBO Max’i may choose. Another DC the superhero movie Wonder Woman, had debuted on this platform a while ago.


However new Superman of the movie To DC It is viewed with suspicion that it will bring the success it wants. Every movie the company releases is crushed in front of its rival. Almost every Marvel movie, at the box office 1 billion dollars Crossing the barrage, DC movies lag far behind that figure.

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