1 August 2021
Google collects 20 times more data than Apple

Google collects 20 times more data than Apple

Whether Android be a user, want iOS, Your smart phones instantly transmit your personal data without your knowledge. Among the submitted data your location, searches, shares and even your interests there is even. Technology companies do not use this data for personal advertisements using it to show. However, according to the claim made by a researcher Google, in this respect Apple’a has made a serious difference. Android phones send 20 times more data than phones using iOS.

Both operating systems are collecting data

Her to also an expert in operating system Douglas Leith, He did an important research on the subject. Leith, him Android him the iOS and compared the phones using them side by side. The investigation found that phones transmit data even in simple situations such as inserting a sim card or navigating settings. But it’s not just the operating system that collects data.

Applications and services already installed on the phone transfer data by establishing a network connection even when they are not used. iOS datas Siri, Safari and iCloud while sending over, Andorid, Chrome, YouTube and other Google It sends data through applications.

Google collects 20 times more data

The most striking detail in the research is when we look at the total amount of data. Leith’e by, iPhone, Apple’a approx every 12 hours 52 kilobayt sending data. But in the same time Android telephone, Google’a 1 megabayt transmitting data. But Google, object to this information.

Spokesperson of the company, on the subject He made the following statements: “We identified the flaws in the researcher’s data measurement method. Shares 20 times more data in the article we do not agree with the allegations. These findings are largely inaccurate. Modern cars regularly send data about vehicle components and systems to manufacturers. Smartphones work similarly. Phones transmit information to manufacturers, such as the update of the software and the status of the services in the operating system.

Although the figures in the report are not accurate, there is a fact. Our smart devices share a lot of data about their users every day with manufacturing companies. What are your views on this report? Do not forget to share with us your opinions about the data collection of huge technology companies.

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