23 July 2021
Google launches new application policy

Google launches new application policy

Google coming soon Play Store’daki it will be more selective as to which apps can see all the other apps you have installed. According to the information provided by Ars Technica, although your applications seem innocent; lots of information about you without your permission can use.

With Google’s new policy May 5, 2021‘Since the developers; They will need to give Google a very good reason why they should allow you to access this type of information.

Google’s new policy will restrict apps’ access on the phone

Right now “QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES” Android 11 apps asking for permission can see the full list of apps you have stored on your device. However, Google recently updated its Developer Program Policy. This information “Personal and sensitive user data” started to investigate which applications are using this data.

Google new application policy

After the change took effect in May, applications are only permitted; “If their basic functions or purposes for the user require wide visibility into the installed applications on the user’s device” be able to use. Examples of applications that will be allowed to continue using this permission are file managers; browsers and data for awareness or interoperability may be given antivirus applications that need it. Banking applications, digital wallet applications and financial transactions including; All other applications will be able to use this permission for security-based purposes.

Google new application policy

Practices that do not comply with the new policy Play Storestarted to be removed from. All developers who want to keep this permission in their apps need to fill out a declaration form justifying their use.

If you are worried that developers may continue to abuse permissions, do not use the app in the first place. you must update. If the situation has not improved or you think your data has been used without your permission Google’a you need to report. As a result of the reviews on the Google application; You can suspend the app and use the developer account. may terminate.

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