19 April 2021
Google Lens will be easier to use

Google Lens will be easier to use

Google’s application to collect information from photos Google Lens makes things very easy. Sometimes it can be life-saving to make the texts or pictures in the images we want to be interactive. As some Google Photos users have noticed, the Lens application can now be accessed directly from within the photo.

When we swipe up while viewing a photo, the panel that opens some new buttons there is. It seems that these buttons will be making things easier in the near future.

Google Lens and Google Photos will be integrated

By scanning the objects in your gallery that are available or you can take photos with Lens details on You can transfer it to your phone. You can transfer the articles detected by Google Lens to your computer, have them translated instantly, share them or search them on Google.

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Other than their textual ingenuity, the locations Google Maps It can display its data on it, recognize animals, and even offer style suggestions according to your style of clothing. Some of those using the new version of Lens state that they see Lens features in the photo details tab in Google Photos.

Google Lens before camera and search It was integrated into their applications. Even those who use a non-Pixel phone can see the Lens feature in the camera software of the device manufacturer. A recent ‘easter egg’ pops into the Google Pixel’s box animated was showing.

The features integrated into the Google Photos application are currently not available for our country users. All who can use the feature Is located in the USA stated. Still, it doesn’t seem like we’ll wait long for such a simple feature. Make sure to keep Google Photos and Google Lens apps up to date to be the first to experience it.

What is Google Lens? How is it working?

Firstly At the Google I / O event of 2017 The announced software attracted great attention. It uses machine learning on the basis of software that can identify properties of objects through the camera. The more machine learning is used, the more it learns, the more the results get better. Android 5.0 above It can be used with the Google Assistant on devices. It can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store for supported devices. In recent years, technology manufacturers have been integrating this service into their camera software. The purpose of this is to improve the user experience and speed up some work.

Download link for Android

Download link for iOS (integrated in Google app)

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