4 August 2021
Google Pixel 5a processor details have been finalized

Google Pixel 5a processor details have been finalized

Experienced around the world chip crisis because of canceled said Google Pixel 5a New information about the company continues to come. What users are eagerly waiting for middle segment your phone processor details began to become clear.

Google’s recent statement, claims that Google Pixel 5a was canceled he denied. The company said that the phone will go on sale this year, but the device limited edition stated that it would be.

Google Pixel 5a processor will be Snapdragon 765G

Google Pixel 5a processor details have been revealed. Smartphone will be powered by Snapdragon 765G processor

The company recently published Android 12 Developer Preview 3 with Google Pixel 5a The processor of the model has been determined. The device is in a mid-segment processor position Snapdragon 765G powered by the chipset.

In the design of the device almost No changes were made, and the users reacted. Pixel 5a is very similar in design to the previous model of the series, Pixel 4a. We should also point out that the camera design of the device is also the same.

Smart phone, 6.2 inch in size FHD+ presents a screen. YOU ARE device with display technology, one point in the upper left corner selfie It houses the camera. The device is on the back 2 cameras and LED flash square camera setuphave. also fingerprint reader is positioned behind the case, not inside the screen.

Google Pixel 5a These are all the details that have emerged about it for now. As the company explains, the smartphone is only USA and Japan will go on sale in the markets. The device is expected to go on sale in the same timeline as the previous model of the series, Google Pixel 4a. This is the Google Pixel 5a August It means it will go on sale within the month.

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