18 April 2021
Google Pixel Fold features leaked

Google Pixel Fold features leaked

The Google Pixel family, which has proven itself in the mid-segment market, came to the fore with a new model. Foldable model Google Pixel Fold properties leaked.

Huawei Mate X rival: Google Pixel Fold features

Analyst Jon Prosser, recently published a report on the introduction date of new Pixel models. Publicity date June 11 Prosser did not give any explanation about Pixel Fold.

Google Pixel Fold features leaked

Android Central The report released today contains some details about Google Pixel Fold, which is claimed to be promoted. Since Pixel models are on the front with camera features, the foldable model Snapdragon 765G It is stated that it will come with the processor.

Google made an agreement with Samsung a few months ago 7.6 inch ordered a foldable OLED display. Foldable device developed by Google, Galaxy Fold 2 will have the same screen sizes as.

It is estimated that the new model will have the same camera features as Pixel 5. For this reason, the Pixel Fold model 12,2 Megapiksel f/1.7 main camera and 16 Megapiksel f/2.2 The future with the wide-angle camera is among the rumors.

Analyst Ross Young, Pixel Fold model In the 4th quarter of 2021 stated that it will be introduced. Explaining that he will be one step ahead of his competitors in terms of usage experience, Young underlined that Google is making efforts for seamless usage scenarios.

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