28 July 2021
Google responded to WebView outage

Google responded to WebView outage

Android‘in WebView component last month Gmail, Google Pay and a crash that caused dozens of apps to stop working, including various banking services. The downtime took about eight hours before a permanent fix was released. The big problem experienced led Google to take additional measures.

What is Android System WebView?

Her Android Most users wonder what is this system on the phone, which is updated from time to time. Originally Webview it is not an application but a component. Chrome Supported by, this component enables the display of web content within Android apps.

Google WebView

This system is all Android It comes pre-installed on phones. Incoming updates for the component are very important. Because keeping this feature up-to-date in the applications prevents many errors.

Google Android Webview interruption report

Google In his newly published status report, he explained the reasons for the crash and the planned implementation. Webview He explained his improvements in detail. The company notes that all applications that rely on WebView to open web pages crash as a result of a configuration technology error. For Google’s automatic and manual updates to fix the problem Google Play Store via both Chrome as well as publish new versions of WebView.

Google WebView

Google in this context Play in the store Chrome and Webview It plans to speed up its updates. It also promises to control the application and communicate better with users during outages. Also, Google is introducing a new system to deal with complaints about a crash they didn’t cause. He says he will work with developers to provide a healthier solution in such cases.

Google continues to face major interruptions and problems from time to time. Many errors occur on applications with millions of users daily. It brings new measures and features to prevent all this.

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