21 April 2021
Google Search stock card gets modern look

Google Search stock card gets modern look

Google Search stock card, desktop webgets a modern look in. Search engine, graphs and other trend data as well as a special finance will present the portal. However, most users will be able to enter stock symbols in Search to find the price of their stocks.

The new look will bring efficiency

Like the weather last month, a number of changes have been made to the stock card in Google Search. With the change made, the same organization and placement principles will be listed with the current price listed in the upper left corner. On the other hand, the stock symbol will be located on the far right. The new Search design language aims to provide efficiency by showing what people are looking for instantly.

Below this is the current working hours price when the green or red colored last movements are closed. In addition, the chart shows tabs for different time intervals. Material Theme It has been modified to use its components.

Finally, the information shown at the bottom does not change. However, for easier analysis, this section has been organized in three columns for now. The renewed design of the stock card for desktop Google Search is widely available.

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