5 August 2021
Google Stadia ready to receive touch control support

Google Stadia ready to receive touch control support

Google, cloud game streaming service Stadia just like for Microsoft’un Xbox Game Pass’a it offers xCloud plans to introduce a touch control support similar to streaming. Thus, the company aims for an experience similar to games designed for mobile devices.

Google Stadia touch control support will stop moving console

9to5Google’s to your news Stadia’s latest software will now feature direct touch. Property Stadia It means that gamers who want to play on the go won’t need to have a controller with them. Feature is a separate game controller preview Although they have claims to include the feature Google He said that this is not possible right now and that touch support seems like an option that suits them.


on the other hand Stadia Bluetooth instead Wi-Fi Since it has controllers that connect via it, it will ask its members using cellular data to carry a USB-C cable with them. Stadia’s 3.9 version Google Play Store will be made available via. Thus, the cloud gaming service will gain a third way to play with on-screen controls.

On the other hand, update, Stadia’s application of Android TV It seems to involve a considerable amount of preparation for its launch. This update also contains important references to installing Stadia on Android TV. Chromecast contrary to your experience Stadia, Android It will allow you to freely browse its own store for TV, as well as shop on your TV. In case the purchase is problematic, you will be directed to try again from the phone or computer.

This latest update by Stadia came right after Google opted to turn off its internal game development division. Development, Stadia’s it now means it has evolved into a platform for standalone third-party games. Service from launch has had a hard time getting too much attention since. Besides, the former studio head of the project Jade Raymond, PlayStation for original one IP working on Haven Studios founded another firm called. Raymond, before that Ubisoft Toronto ve EA Motive’de He continued his duty of studio chief.

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