1 August 2021
Google stretches COVID-19 restrictions: returning to the office

Google stretches COVID-19 restrictions: returning to the office

Google, In April ABD plans to open its offices to some of its employees. Companyrecently opened U.S. offices for volunteers. angry announced that it will open in a capacity. Announcement Microsoft, Facebook and Uber‘s plans to return to the offices in the coming months.

Google, “Based on specific criteria including increases in vaccine availability and downward trends in COVID-19 cases” He stated that he wanted to return to their offices. At the same time, employees who prefer to work remotely Googlein line with the previous announcement of September 2021will be able to do this until.

Google Wants to move to flexible working arrangements

The New York Times‘in according to the news In an email announcing the new planning, everyone who decides to work face-to-face wearing a mask, applying social distance and passing a health survey It is stated that it must comply with such safety rules.

As well as Google Amazon also shared a new update on when it expects its employees to return to volunteer work. As it is known, the company has never closed its offices. However, according to Amazon’s statement, corporate employees only 10 per centis physically working.


Given the increased availability of vaccines, Amazon “More people will come to the office during the summer and many will return to the office in early autumn” states. Also the company is still “Turning to an office-centered culture” wants.

Unlike Amazon, Google, He states that the company wants to switch to flexible working arrangements. He also thinks employees should spend three days in the office and the rest of their time at home.

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