4 August 2021
Google unplugs the Shopping app!

Google unplugs the Shopping app!

Google; weather, ticket, video, visual, music It makes it easier for us to find the data we are looking for on dozens of topics, including. The company, which also has a shopping category among the areas it serves, enables users to find the product they are looking for.

The technology giant introduced a special application that includes products in the shopping category in 2019. The application first Express made available under the name. In the following days, your name Shopping had changed. To those who love the application, sad news came from Google.

End of the road for Google Shopping app on mobile

Google is known for shutting down services that cannot reach enough users. Here is the last application to join them Google Shopping happened. Users who have installed the new version of the application numbered 59, “Something went wrong. The application is currently unavailable. However, you can continue shopping at shopping.google.com. “ met the note.

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Google Shopping app no ​​longer works.

A statement came from a Google spokesperson on the subject. 9to5Google Speaking to the team, the spokesperson announced that they will now serve users with the website. He also emphasized that the company will focus on new services. Google spokesperson, users facilitating shopping experiences Stating that they will continue to develop features, he used the following expressions:

“Coming in a few weeks We will stop supporting the shopping app. All the functions that the application offers to users are available in the Shopping tab. We will continue to develop features in the Shopping tab and other Google platforms, including the Google app, that make it easier for users to discover and shop the products they love. “

All transactions will now be handled on the web

Google, Shopping Although he decided to terminate his application, the search page Shopping did not remove the tab. In addition, the company prepared for the products shopping.google.com site will continue its life. Now, users will continue their shopping experience at Google through these two sections.

Google has closed many of its services so far

The number of applications in the product range of the US technology giant is increasing every year. On the other hand, the company is closing its services and applications that it despaired. Google, last year Play Music has also decided to shut down its service. Instead of YouTube MusicThe company that brought me announced that users should switch to the new service.

Google, which made it easier for Play Music users to switch to YouTube Music, gave people a while at this point. At the end of this period, all Play Music data He said it would be deleted. Indeed, at the end of February, the service was completely dead.

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