23 July 2021
Google won't attend MWC Barcelona 2021

Google won’t attend MWC Barcelona 2021

Google company Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021 decided not to attend the event. The company, which did not want to endanger visitors and its own personnel due to the epidemic, withdrew from the organization.

One of the most important organizations in the mobile communication industry MWC Barcelona We came across with bad news over and over. In the past weeks, four big companies said they would not attend the event. Nokia, Ericsson, Sony and Oracle companies were the first to withdraw from MWC this year. But, as predicted, they weren’t the last companies to withdraw from the event. Google joined these four.

Google withdraws from Mobile World Congress due to COVID-19

Search engine giant Google available COVID-19 in light of travel restrictions and protocols MWC 2021 He made a statement that he would not participate in the event. In the company announcement GSMA He said that they continue to work with and support their partnerships through virtual events. on the other hand 2022 in the year Barcelona’da He expressed that they were looking forward to seeing it.

Organizers MWC Barcelona 2021 The measures taken regarding its activity are not satisfactory enough for the participants. That’s why many companies decide not to put their employees at risk, just like last year. GSMA in this respect Reducing the number of 100 thousand participants to the limit of 50 thousand He made a suggestion. But for a virus that spreads so quickly, tens of thousands are still not a small number.

MWC 2021

GSMA took measures for Mobile World Congress 2021.

Another measure of GSM regarding MWC 2021 is from the participants. 72 hours to the event negative time beer COVID-19 texts want the result. Details such as contactless registration, the necessity of a mask and the regular disinfection of the stands are also a condition for everyone. However, in spite of this Google to be Nokia, Ericsson, Sony and Oracle companies like it prefer to be present at the event remotely.

June 28MWC will start in 2021 Barcelona, July 1 It will continue until the date. However, as more companies withdraw from the event in the future, the organization may be canceled this year as well.

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