30 July 2021
Google's FLoC feature annoys other browsers

Google’s FLoC feature annoys other browsers

Developed by Google to replace third-party cookies FLoC technology has plagued other browsers. There is a possibility that the new technology, which groups users according to their browsing history, could pose a problem for the future of web advertising.

FLoC software can have privacy consequences

Google, a few weeks ago Chrome for Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) announced that it started testing an advertising technology called. Using a special algorithm to look at browser history and group users with other users with similar browsing histories, the technology will make it easier for advertisers to target. The algorithm, by which cookies will be more private, is also more complex and may have some privacy consequences if not implemented correctly.


Privacy-centric browser on the topic Brave and browser extension DuckDuckGo, It decided to block Google’s recommended method of tracking ads and targeting groups of people who do not use cookies. After that Mozilla gives Firefox in browser FLoCHe reported that they have no implementation plans. also DigidayAccording to the report of Vivaldi, the system will be effective in an advertising network already owned by Google and therefore the browser will have a noticeable advantage over its competitors. He states that this way he can strengthen his position even more.

Predictions show that FLoC software is currently the most used browser in the world. Chromein the direction of finding a place for itself. This means advertisers will use all sorts of methods to try out Google’s new technology.

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