28 July 2021
Gran Turismo 7 stuck in Covid-19 hurdle

Gran Turismo 7 stuck in Covid-19 hurdle

Great tourism new game of the series 2021will not be able to meet with game lovers. The next game in the Sony racing legend series Gran Turismo 7 instead of this year 2022Confirmed that he will come in Covid-19 blamed the epidemic.

At Sony, among the victims of the epidemic

Company, PSVR 2 In an interview he gave about “Gran Turismo 7Has been affected by production challenges related to COVID and will therefore be released in 2022 instead of 2021. With the ongoing epidemic, a dynamic and changing situation has slowed some critical aspects of game production over the past few months. We’ll share more details about the GT7’s release date when available.” said.

Next generation game console PlayStation 5 Sony, which has gained great momentum recently, continues to try new attacks to please the players.

Sony’s 2nd year of the epidemic, which directs users to the PlayStation series, especially with platform-specific games 2021It is wondered what kind of road map he will follow.

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