1 August 2021
Great success in the Play Store from the KADES app

Great success in the Play Store from the KADES app

general Directorate of Security emergency response application prepared by KADES, app store, the most users in Turkey Google Play Storeā€™da in the category of life third most downloaded application happened.

Implemented by the Ministry of Interior Women’s Support Application (KADES)is an official application offered to users in order to prevent bad acts such as violence and harassment that women and children are exposed to.

Users who download the KADES application are increasing day by day. KADES application to date total 1 million 941 thousand 315 downloaded by the user to their smartphones. Through the app until now 106 bin 176 a notice has been made. Of these 54 bin 922 The notification of origin was intervened.

Women trust the KADES app

Women who participated in the survey about KADES 90 percentstated that the application gives them confidence.

AA According to the information obtained, the Ministry conducted a satisfaction survey on KADES, which is used by women to report at risk and threat moments and to direct law enforcement officers to the scene.

1013 In the questionnaire applied to the person, 90 percent of the participants stated that the application gave them confidence.

Survey respondents 84.15 percent from staff interest, percentage 84.12’s expressed that they are satisfied with the service.

Her 100 from participant 77.69’u expressed his satisfaction with the time the teams reached the scene.

village head

KADES continues to be with you whenever you need it

You can seek help from law enforcement agencies with a single button.

The KADES application has been developed in order to prevent the increasing violence against women and to help women in recent years. Women who have been subjected to violence by their spouses or someone else, or who are likely to be exposed to violence, can quickly access the Women’s Emergency Support Notification System, which was set up for this purpose, via their smart phones.

A woman who is a smartphone user can activate the “Women Support Application (KADES)”, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store application, by entering the TR ID Number and then activating the women who are victims of domestic violence and violence against women in case of emergency. The device will open the location information and reach the 155 Police Emergency Call Center with a single button, and the closest team or patrol will be dispatched to the scene where the call for help is made and intervene in the incident.

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