30 July 2021
Green light from Biden to semiconductor chip problem

Green light from Biden to semiconductor chip problem

The new American President Joe Biden, global, blocking the production of products such as cars and smartphones semiconductor chip It will sign a management order to address growing concerns about its shortage.

Semiconductor chip deficiency will be eliminated

According to the information obtained, the White House’s administrative order is to prevent the federal government computer chips and supply chains in four product sets, including large capacity batteries such as those used in electric vehicles. 100 days will lead to review. Aforementioned chip shortage undoubtedly the biggest factor coronavirus epidemic it was a series of developments he had created. The fact that a large part of daily life went online increased the demand for electronic products even more. Moreover, the slowdown in chip production during the epidemic period and the Trump’s gives With china The commercial war he waged made things even more difficult.

Green light from Biden to semiconductor chip problem

This too Apple, AMD, Sony and Qualcomm companies like iPhone and Playstation Including products such as 5, it raised concerns about the famine experienced. Automobile at the beginning of the month, telecommunication and lobbying groups for technology industries visited the White House, proposing to work with Congress to provide additional funding for local chip research production.

In a letter by the groups to Biden last week, “Semiconductors, It plays a critical role in providing products and services that feed our economy, contribute to American innovation, and increase our national security. Given the central role of semiconductors, the United States in research, design and manufacturing strengthening its position is a national priority “ It was said.

Authorities outside the semiconductor supply chain, Biden’in He stated that his order requires similar investigations in the defense, public health, biological preparation, information communication technology, transportation and energy and food production sectors.

Source: The Verge

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