18 April 2021
'Green screen' gospel for Facebook stories

‘Green screen’ gospel for Facebook stories

Facebook platform application Stories for panel “Green screen” testing feature. Thanks to the new tool, users will be able to add any video or photo they want to the background of the images they take.

A similar feature was available to users on the Instagram platform. Again, this feature, which we saw in the Stories tab, became a good alternative for users who wanted to make fun stories. Now the company aims to bring the same functionality to Facebook.

The expected feature for Facebook stories is in testing phase

The new Facebook stories feature was discovered by a Twitter user. A very interesting detail did not go unnoticed among the screenshots shared. Facebook’s Green Screen as in Instagram. will not serve as a filter understood. Instead, the app will broadcast the green screen as a built-in option.

The green screen feature will be made available to Facebook users as an editing tool. If you need to look at the screen shot; Create a Story There are quick selection tools under the text. Here Text, Boomerang, Selfie and the last member of the team Green Screenis given place.

The second screenshot in the shared tweet is InstagramHe points to. Although the popular social media application has the same feature; do not use it as a built-in function, but as a manually searched and saved function. filtered presents in case. In this way, many content producers share very pleasant stories to their fans.

Facebook Stories

Green Screen feature is being tested for Facebook Stories.

Feature from TikTok to Facebook

The Stories innovation that Facebook developers are working on is not actually directly inspired by Instagram. Because both platforms have this feature since much earlier times. TikTok’tan inspired. Short video app with a large fan base from seven to seventy, Green Screen became one of the social media networks that used the tool best.

Facebook is now Green Screen testing feature. However, in the leak or anywhere else, it is not shared when this innovation will be available to all users. Platform storyboard to at least On Instagram wants to make it rich. In addition, for this purpose, the company Can place ads as stickers on stories works for a feature. In this way, it is trying a new way for its users to earn income from social media.

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