23 July 2021
Guinness World Record with Genesis drone show

Guinness World Record with Genesis drone show

Drone shows It has always been a good choice for companies that want to attract people’s attention. Genesis He knows this very well. The company, which organized a launch for the entrance to the Shanghai market, made a name for itself with an impressive air show.

Hyundai car brand owned by the company thousands of drones surprised the people of Shanghai with. Entering China with the sparkling brand logo appearing in the sky, the company not only offered a visual feast. Same time Unmanned Aircraft in the field of Guinness World Record He also had the title. Thus, he proved his strength and creativity to everyone.

Hyundai Genesis is the new holder of the record with 3 thousand 281 drones

This record in 2018 flying over Folsom, California 2 bin 66 drone with Intel belonged to the company. In Russia in 2020 2 bin 200 drone took over the record by flying. Again the same year 3 bin 51 drone with Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. became the new holder of the record. But on March 29 Genesis tam 3 thousand 281 drones Used it to advertise on Shanghai. It has greatly opened the difference.

The impressive show of the company, which lasted about 1 minute, is as follows:

Drone show in line with the company’s story in the Chinese market The Genesis of Genesis It started with the title (The Birth of Genesis). also Hyundai Stylish designs such as the logo and silhouette of the car also captivated people. However, the main thing that makes the show attractive is one of the popular models of the brand. G80 and GV80had drawings created from drones.

GenesisInvites Chinese consumers to recognize the brand’s spirit of defiance and cross-border. The company is not only selling its new cars in the Chinese market; it also aims to make an inspiring experience for everyone.

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