30 July 2021
Hacker attack threatening millions on Codecov

Hacker attack threatening millions on Codecov

Between them Proctor & Gamble, GoDaddy and Washington Posknown for its cyber security services to large companies including t Codecov companyUnder investigation by the FBI. After the information first revealed by Reuters, the company’s CEO also accepted the investigation.

The reason for the investigation was in January. Codecov’to the important files of flour. hacker attack turned out to be.

Big company data is under threat with Codecov hacker attack

Codec’s CEO Jerrod Engelberg, In his statement on the website The federal agreed to the investigation. The scary part is the acquisition of a vehicle based on the service the firm offers to large companies.

Codecov is a software company that reveals the security vulnerabilities of the companies it serves. If one of the most important tools of this service is Bash Uploader script.

According to the information revealed, hackers made changes to this file in January. Codecov says that this file has changed 1 April realized in history. This is approximately the extent of the companies receiving service from the software company. For 4 months shows that your information has been leaked. Codecov made to firm hacker attack In this sense, it is pregnant with great threats.

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Codecov also poses a threat to companies such as GoDaddy and Washington Post with a hacker attack.

The services offered by the company, given that find vulnerabilities, serving in Turkey GoDaddy his firm is also under threat.

Engelberg He says that he warned all his customers after this situation, which was understood at the beginning of April. The CEO warned companies to review and change all basic passwords and protections, especially security keys.

The company is in a structure that scans the personal data, source codes and security keys of the websites it serves. During this scan, the file finds and reports all errors that create security threats.

It is not known exactly how the hackers captured the information with the changes they made. However, according to the first information that emerged Codecovtransfer the information in the file to the third party back door discovered.

It should be noted that Codecov does not access user data of websites. So far, with the information obtained this is a hacker attack It is not known whether it has been done or not.

GoDaddy and Washington PostDid not respond to Reuters’ questions on the subject. Another big customer Atlassian explained that they could not find any data that they were affected.

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