4 August 2021
Hackers give Apple 10 days for ransom

Hackers give Apple 10 days for ransom

REvil a ransomware group called Apple, Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Cisco, Microsoft and claims to have accessed massive amounts of data from many other top technology companies. He is asking companies for a record amount of money for this data they have captured.

$ 50 million requested for stolen Apple data

REvil group continues ransom demands by doing data theft. Hackers, Apple’s last night’s Spring Loaded some of the data received before the event leaked. For this leaked information 50 million dollars trying to set a record willingly.

Apple MacBook data leak

The Record According to the leak published by the said ransomware team, the documents they obtained were sent to the technology firm. How Much ComputerThe Taiwan-based company, which manufactures laptops and technological devices, claims that it seized gigabytes of personal data.

Details of many products revealed

Ransomware group Apple Watch, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Lenovo ThinkPad Z60m He said he had collected data on many products, including He also made threats that more files would be exposed every day. Also Apple’s ransom Until May 1 demanded to pay.

Apple MacBook data leak

It is alleged that the leaked files contain schematics for a laptop. However, it is not known whether the data seized actually carries sensitive values ​​for the company as claimed. It is unclear at this time what information such a large-scale data leak contains.

They also asked for the ransom from Acer

According to another report shared by The Record, REvil’s 50 million dollar ransom demandsame as the amount requested from Acer last month. However, no follow-up process was initiated from either side regarding this incident. Acer he chose to cover up this situation.

Due to the day-to-day development and progress of technology, such data leaks have started to increase. Various ransomware groups demand large amounts of money with the data they capture. Both technology companies and user groups suffer from this situation.

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