5 August 2021
Hackers target Discord and Slack platforms

Hackers target Discord and Slack platforms

Hackers now target Discord and Slack platforms to distribute malware. Especially Covid-19 Discord and Slack, which gained a large place in our lives during the epidemic, have become ideal platforms for those who work from home or spend time with their friends.

When the hackers realized this situation, they turned their focus to these two platforms. Security division of Cisco Talos, Wednesday Covid-19 outbreak of the tools available on Slack and Discord platforms throughout, useful for cybercriminals published a new study emphasizing that they have become mechanisms.

Even if you don’t have Discord and Slack installed, you are in danger

The method hackers use is based on the trust created by these brands. Of the two platforms Doesn’t need to be installed on your devices. Just Just click the Discord or Slack links is happening. After clicking the link, hackers can remotely execute and check codes if they wish, or even steal your personal data. From people you do not know or from emails Think twice as you click on the incoming Discord and Slack links. “People are more likely to do things like click on a Discord link than in the past,” said Nick Biasini, Talos Threat Researcher. “Because they are used to friends and colleagues sending files and links to Discord,” he said.

Cisco emphasizes that those who use Discord as a file storage service should be more careful. Both Discord and Slack allow their users to upload files externally and share those files with a link. Hackers managed to spread their malware quickly in this way. Cisco researchers say that this is how hackers try to install Agent Tesla, LimeRAT and Phoenix Keylogger discovered 9 spyware recently, including

Security firm Similarly to zsclaerIn the research published in February, he stated that the above cyber attack technique is frequently used by hackers. Even ransomware and crypto money mining They detected up to two dozen malware a day, including viruses used for, and warned users of this.

Again ZsclearAccording to the research published by, hackers can hijack users’ Discord authentication information and act like that person on Discord servers. This way, it can spread more malware quickly.

Cisco Nick Biasini, Threat Researcher“If you haven’t clicked on a Discord and Slack URL before, don’t start now,” he says. Until these issues are resolved, do not click on Discord and Slack links from people you do not trust and do not know.

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