6 August 2021
Hairdressers are digitalizing with 'My hairdresser is next to me'

Hairdressers are digitalizing with ‘My hairdresser is next to me’

Beauty and hair care providing the opportunity to report their activities for businesses serving in the field My hairdresser with me application was implemented. The mobile application, which enables businesses to introduce themselves to their guests, also functions as an appointment for users.

Due to the law enacted due to the pandemic, waiting rooms in hairdresser and barber salons disappeared. That’s why many businesses started hosting their customers by appointment. My hairdresser is with me The application started to serve for businesses to communicate with their visitors more easily and to catch up with the times.

Notification to the customer with my hairdresser next to me

Hairdressers and Barbershops online appointment process My hairdresser is next to me, businesses promises the following services for:

– To retain your customers notification system defined to your account for free.

– A user-friendly interface to manage your appointments.

– presented in the app calendar option Appointments can be scheduled with.

Quick appointment feature Thanks to this, customers can make an appointment with a single click.

Hall leave day, staff day off or meal hours can be adjusted through the system. In this way, possible clock conflicts are prevented.

– Comprehensive report page Thanks to this, data from the number of daily appointments to the weekly income recording can be collected under one roof.

Your data Tables can be printed to better manage and share.

Apart from the fast appointment system, one of the advantages of the application for users is to access more detailed information about businesses. Because all users who download the application can get information about the venue, with all the details, from the establishment year of the hall they will visit, to the number of personnel.

The Hairdresser My Side application, which also gives the hair models, campaigns and other details of the businesses, is now App Store and Google Play Store It can be downloaded from.

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