21 April 2021
HBO Max announces ad-supported subscription package

HBO Max announces ad-supported subscription package

USA based digital broadcasting platform HBO Max announced that it is working on a new subscription package. $ 14.99 a month content network serving in return, coming soon with a more reasonable offer will appear before its users.

Approximate according to recent reports To 90 million subscribers of HBO Max, which is said to have reached Reaching 150 million people by 2025 he has a dream like But this dream is so high prices it is very difficult for them to realize. Realizing this, the company has now begun to pursue alternative routes.

HBO Max comes in a new affordable package

Currently serving only in the US and some restricted areas HBO Max will soon open to the world. This year 60 new countries The platform that wants to open up, for every country special pricing will determine. Otherwise in its field most expensive streaming service It seems clear that the service that is available will not be successful globally.

Paying attention to the feedback from users, the company announced that it will soon meet its subscribers with a less expensive package. An ad supported package The platform that will prepare it will thus become available for access at much more affordable rates. Of course, the advertised package will have some disadvantages. The first of these is that these users, Warner Bros movies won’t access HBO Max premieres on day one that they are … But after the content is published one day later It will be viewable by users in lower packets.


HBO Max announced its ad-supported package.

This decision made by the platform is the new digital platform of Acun Ilıcalı Exxen’s subscription system looks quite similar. For those who do not know, the Exxen application also offers two different packages to its users. 19,99 TLIn addition to the standard subscription of 9,99 TLThere is an advertised package.

When will HBO’s Max Turkey?

One of the leading pay TV channels in the USA HBO (Home Box Office)started offering digital services in May last year. The platform, which currently works only in some limited countries, heralded that it would open up to brand new geographies in 2021.


HBO Max is opening up to new countries soon.

First Latin American and European market The future of the platform, which will start accessing in many regions, especially in the country, has not been announced yet. Hence Turkey’s Whether it is on this list is not yet known. However, the claims until the end of the year predicts that it will start operating in our country.

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