28 July 2021
He committed suicide when he lost everything in crypto money

He committed suicide when he lost everything in crypto money

Recently, when it comes to crypto money in our country, it is still the main agenda issue in mind. Thodex accent The loss of value in cryptocurrencies, especially in the 24 hours we left behind, is spoken all over the world.

Bitcoin’den Holo’ya, Dogecoin’den Ethereum’a kadar between 10 percent and 30 percent decrease in the value of thousands of cryptocurrencies happened. This situation caused the investors to face serious losses with the dreams of getting rich in a short time and without financial literacy, with the comments of the people around.

The sad news came from Istanbul in the morning. A 50-year-old real estate agent, who sold his house in Kağıthane and invested all his money in crypto money, committed suicide.

50-year-old real estate agent who invested in crypto money committed suicide

According to the news shared by Sputnik, 50-year-old Caner Unal he recently sold his flat and invested all his money in a cryptocurrency.

Unal, who started to follow the stock market by sitting in front of his computer at his workplace and saw that he suffered great damage, took out his unlicensed gun and fired on his head.

Police and medical teams, who came to the scene upon the notice of the people around, took Unal, who was seriously injured, to the hospital. Unal, who was taken into surgery urgently, could not be saved despite all the interventions. It was stated that Ünal, who was learned to be single during the incident after the inspection of the security camera records, was married and had one child.

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