4 August 2021
He found his lost 11 thousand TL phone remotely!

He found his lost 11 thousand TL phone remotely!

Missing phone location app for a teenager From throwing 11 thousand TL into the trash saved. Recently, a citizen lost his phone while shopping at the supermarket in the afternoon. He was only a short distance away from the device he was looking for. However, unaware of this, the young person afar found.

Find my phone app delights a teenager

To the news of UAV According to the citizen, Kenan E., who lives in Antalya’s Kepez district, realized that he lost his phone while shopping at the market. In the incident that took place in Güneş Mahallesi Toptancı Hal Street, Kenan E. began to search after he lost his device. Kenan E. ‘Find’ with the application had previously paired.

Kenan E., who could not get results from the searches, on his friend’s phone. ‘Find’ Checked the application. He detected the location of his own device through this application. Your lost phone Is 500 meters away Realizing that the young man first informed the police teams. Arriving at the point Kenan E. pointed out, the teams realized that the phone was under a tree. Teams that started exploration activities in the region, lost phone wrapped in paper.

find my phone

The young man in Antalya determined that his phone was under a tree.

Kenan E. the phone he lost Worth 11 thousand TL He made the following statement while saying that:

“I found it with the help of commissars. I entered the market and left it at the table while shopping, I had it stolen. There were 5-10 suspects. I found it with the help of God. Its value is 11 thousand TL or something. We were in the state, we found it outside. “

We often witness that technological devices and the software we use with them cause such situations. Especially artificial intelligence supported voice assistants can even save the life of the user. In emergency situations, it can inform the ambulance crews or the police and turn the user back from death.

There are also on computers

Location detection applications are available on computers as well as smartphones. The user logs in with his account on his device and first synchronizes his computer. In case of a loss, he can log in to his account from the web and run the ‘locating’ feature. This feature, which requires an internet connection, can come in handy at an unexpected time.

This style developed for smart devices “Locating the lost phone” Did you see the benefit of their software? Do not neglect to share your comments with us.

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