21 April 2021
He tricked his wife into not allowing PlayStation 5

He tricked his wife into not allowing PlayStation 5

Sony new game console PlayStation 5Its design was discussed for a long time when it launched. Sony, which has come up with consoles designed horizontally so far, this time in vertical structure and different design We came across with a device.

Many people consider the design of the device router or more commonly known as a modem. A man who could not get permission from his wife for PlayStation 5 because he spent a lot of time in games used this analogy to his advantage.

When his wife refused, he introduced PlayStation 5 as a modem

According to the incident shared in a Facebook game group in Vietnam, the person who did not agree with his wife on PlayStation 5 stated to his wife that the device was a 5G Wi-Fi router. The person who explained the situation to the authorities who came to make the installation in advance has also affixed a technical service number on the device.

His wife thinks that the number on the PlayStation 5 should be called in case of problems on the internet, but the situation is obvious. The Vietnamese man stated in his post on the Facebook group that his wife was still not aware of the situation and thought the device was a router. Since this incident was reflected in the world press, it is wondered how the situation will change and how the man uses the device.

This is not the first time Sony’s new console has been launched differently in the family. In a similar scenario earlier, a Taiwanese man introduced the PS5 to his wife as an air purifier.

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