19 April 2021
Heavy bill to Apple: million dollars in royalties

Heavy bill to Apple: million dollars in royalties

Apple is facing a hefty bill. On Friday, a federal jury in Texas filed Apple’s digital rights management patent. breach because To Personalized Media Communications $ 308.5 million decided he owed copyright.

After negotiations, patent owner friendly Marshall, A jury in the Texas area, FairPlay Apple technology, including a non-implementing organization, Personalized Media found that he had infringed a patent held by In addition FairPlayencrypted content of iTunes, App Store ve Apple MusicNote that it is used for distribution in.

Apple has been dealing with the case since 2015

Personalized Media, Firstly 2015‘to AppleHe sued. However, it took years for the case to go to court. Apple, US Patent Trial and Appeals Boarda appeal with the defendant successfully challenged the patent and later invalidated certain IP’s claims. This ruling was eventually overturned by an appeals court in 2020 and sent the case to trial.


According to the report, Personalized Media an expert sought by Apple’s 240 million dollars but the jurors said, numeral For 308.5 million dollars took off. For your information, let’s note that business royalties are usually calculated based on unit sales or service contracts.

Apple said in a statement on the matter that it was disappointed with the decision and plans to appeal. Company, “Such cases, brought by companies that do not make or sell any products, suppress innovation and ultimately harm consumers.” said.

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