1 August 2021
Here are the 2021 billionaires: Their fortune has multiplied in the pandemic

Here are the 2021 billionaires: Their fortune has multiplied in the pandemic

While millions of people lost their jobs due to the coronavirus, the richest people in the world have multiplied their wealth. Forbes, doubling their servers despite the pandemic process 2021 billionaire list explained.

Forbes 2021 billionaire list announced

First on the list 177 billion dollars Jeff Bezos includes his fortune. Bezos, which has a fortune of 113 billion dollars in 2020, Within 1 year He managed to increase his fortune by 64 billion dollars.

Forbes 2021 billionaire list

Jeff Bezos ranks first on Forbes 2021 billionaire list

Although Elon Musk was not in the top 10 last year, with the money he earned in 1 year, he second order managed to settle down. His wealth from $ 24.6 billion For $ 151 billion Musk, who raised it, surpassed Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

Louis Vuitton and Sephora owns 70 brands, especially Bernard Arnault ranked third on the Forbes billionaire list. Arnault is the only fashion designer among the top 10 billionaires Forbes published. It is among the remarkable details that one of the fashion sector is found in the list of technology companies. 150 billion dollars Possessing the fortune, Arnault is 72 years old.

Bill Gates, which we are used to seeing on the billionaire list, ranked second in the 2021 list last year. to fourth place declined. Gates, who increased his fortune by $ 26 billion, 124 billion dollars and among the richest people in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest name among the top 10 billionaires. 97 billion dollars Zuckerberg who owns the fortune is 36 years old. 2021 billionaire list fifth place located in Zuckerberg, within 1 year 42.3 billion dollars and managed to rise 2 places by winning.

Operating in the financial sector Warren Buffett sixth on the list. 96 billion dollars of wealth Buffett, who managed to enter the top 10 in the list, Berkshire Hathaway’in owner.

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellisonhis wealth compared to last year 34 billion dollars and took the seventh place on the list. Having a fortune of $ 94 billion, Ellison fell 2 rows behind last year, despite the increase in wealth.

Eighth and ninth on the list are Larry Page and Sergey Brin, whom we know from Google. Page, 91.5 billion dollars in eighth place with Brin 89 billion dollars ranks ninth with.

Another interesting name in the top 10 is Mukesh Ambani. Petrochemical, oil and gas, telecom and retail operating in the sector, Ambani increased its wealth by 47.7 billion dollars in a year. 84.5 billion dollars 10th on the list with.

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