23 July 2021
Here are the most watched episodes of Game of Thrones series!

Here are the most watched episodes of Game of Thrones series!

George R. R. Martinadapted from the books of and HBO adapted to the series by Game of Thrones The most watched episodes of the series have been announced. HBO It was noteworthy that the episodes in the list disclosed by

The most watched Game of Thrones episodes from the first seasons

HBO, which started a month-long event to commemorate the Game of Thrones universe, is the most watched parts of lined up. First place on the list taken from HBO Max The Wolf and the Lion (S1 B5) took. Second A Golden Crown (S1 B6) while the third place is Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things ( S1 B4) settled down.

The-most-watched-episodes of the game-of-thrones-series

Fourth on the list The North Remembers (S2 B1)in the fifth Lord Snow (S1 B3)in the sixth place The Night Lands (S2 B2) it found a place for itself. When the list is examined, it is understood that the first two seasons of the series are followed by more audiences. However, the fact that the top-ranked episode is in season five makes an exception.

By HBO The Iron Anniversary It includes the 10th anniversary, personalized viewing marathon, special edition products, and more. On the other hand, to watch 73 episodes of the series consecutively MaraThrone There will be an event named. 10 Nisan’da Raising money for select global charities is also planned for the event, which will begin.

İki Women for Women International, World Central Kitchen, Conservation International, International Rescue Committee (IRC), UNICEF, FilmAid International, SameYou, Royal Mencap Society, National Urban League and The Trevor Project are stated to be the charities that will take part in the marathon that will last more than a week.

Finally GOT’un spin off serial House of Dragonis expected to begin shooting this year and George R. R. Martinto tell the whole story. Broadway Note that it is working on the version.

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