28 July 2021
Historic step for the Mars colony: NASA produces oxygen

Historic step for the Mars colony: NASA produces oxygen

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Perseverance within the scope of his duty Mars’ta continues to do research. On February 18, 2021 Mars’taki Jezero NASA successfully sent a research vehicle to its crater, on the surface of Mars. looking for traces of life. However, their purpose is not limited to these.

Having various goals such as sample collection and experimentation NASA, Mars broke new ground in his mission. He managed to produce oxygen on the Red Planet.

NASA produced oxygen on Mars mission

Made to explain Carbon dioxide, which was withdrawn from Mars’ atmosphere on April 20, was successfully converted into oxygen. NASA, inside the spacecraft located on the surface of the planet MOXIE to an astronaut, thanks to the device named Enough for 10 minutes managed to produce oxygen.

NASA mars

Scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration place the MOXIE device on the Perseverance spacecraft.

NASA and Jet Propulsion developed by MOXIE, the carbon dioxide the planet pulls from its atmosphere 1470 He obtained carbon monoxide by heating it in degrees. The device, which succeeded in separating the formed carbon monoxide into its molecules, produced five grams of oxygen.

NASA, Mars He stated that his experiment was instrumental in paving the way for his future tasks. Because both humans and the rockets carrying them need oxygen in space. Four Astronaut It takes more than 24 tons of oxygen for a spacecraft carrying it to take off from the surface of the planet. Stating that it is impossible to carry this much oxygen National Aviation and Space Circle, It aims to produce the necessary oxygen personally thanks to the developing technology. However, this does not mean that enough oxygen for life can be easily produced on the planet.

Carbon dioxide Mars While it makes up 96 percent of the gas in the atmosphere, the amount of oxygen on the planet is only 13 percent. This rate goes up to 21 percent in the Earth’s atmosphere. Theoretically NASA’s, To create a habitable environment on the surface of Mars MOXIE’den 100 times bigger he needs to install oxygen generators. Unfortunately, current technology is not enough to bring such an opportunity to life.

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