28 July 2021
Ingenuity has landed on Mars: the historic is now ready for flight

Historical moments on Mars: this is how the NASA helicopter flew

US Aerospace Agency NASA, Perseverance The helicopter, which he planned to fly on Mars as part of his mission, successfully completed its first flight. The flight, which was delayed due to technical problems and software updates in the past weeks, finally took place today.

According to the statement made by the space agency about the flight, it successfully performed the flight of the helicopter that was flown on Mars. 1.8 kilogram weighing Ingenuity, 10 foot raising to height 30 seconds It was reported to be flown throughout.

Data on whether the flight was successful or not after the trial 3 moments It was announced that it would reach the world within. Your test flight from the world 173 million miles away, Craters LakeLet us state that it happened in.

Earlier NASA, Mars helicopters Ingenuity ‘the flight of 14 AprilHe announced that he was delaying. The space agency stated that the delay was due to an error in the vehicle’s pre-flight test. According to the agency’s statement, the helicopter’s propellers per minute 2,400 cycles The error encountered while returning with was thought to be due to a command.

However, after the elapsed time, the highly anticipated flight was finally completed today without any problems.

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